Wolfffiles.de is my oldest own IT related project.

The biggest filebase for the FPS Return to the Castle Wolfenstein (RtCW), Enemy Territory (ET / WET), ET Quake Wars (ETQW).

What ChatGPT knows about it:

Wolffiles.de is a prominent online platform catering to the Wolfenstein gaming community, specifically focusing on custom content for games like Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory and Return to Castle Wolfenstein. Here are detailed aspects of Wolffiles.de and its services:

Custom Maps: Wolffiles.de hosts an extensive collection of custom maps for Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory and other related games. These custom maps are created by the community and offer diverse gaming experiences, featuring unique layouts, objectives, and challenges. Players can download and install these maps to enjoy new and exciting gameplay beyond the standard maps provided in the original games.

Mods and Total Conversions: The website provides a platform for modders to showcase their creations. Mods and total conversions are substantial alterations to the game, introducing new gameplay mechanics, characters, weapons, and sometimes entirely new storylines. Wolffiles.de hosts a variety of mods, allowing players to explore different versions of the Wolfenstein universe.

Scripts and Tools: For aspiring modders and developers, Wolffiles.de offers scripts and modding tools. These resources aid in customizing the game, enabling users to create unique features, enhance graphics, and modify gameplay elements. The availability of scripts and tools encourages community-driven creativity and innovation.

Community Forums: Wolffiles.de features active forums where players, modders, and enthusiasts gather to discuss various topics related to Wolfenstein games. These forums serve as hubs for sharing ideas, seeking assistance with modding projects, and engaging in discussions about game strategies and tactics. The community forums foster a sense of camaraderie among Wolfenstein fans.
Map Test Servers: One notable feature of Wolffiles.de is its map test servers. These servers are dedicated to testing custom maps created by the community. Game developers and players can join these servers to playtest new maps, providing valuable feedback to map creators. Map test servers play a crucial role in ensuring the quality and balance of custom maps before they are widely distributed, enhancing the overall gaming experience for players.

File Downloads: Wolffiles.de allows users to download a wide range of gaming-related files directly from the website. Whether it's custom maps, mods, scripts, or tools, players can easily access and install these files, expanding the content and capabilities of their games.