Ender-3 V3 SE - update to make the display working

Update? Why? How?

OK, you decided you would like to update so that the original printer display is working again just like it was with the original firmware?

Let's have a look how I did exactly that. 

Since you already....

seem to have installed klipper at least once, I'll keep this guide a little bit shorter.

I assume you have kiauh already installed and a running klipper installation.


Step Commands I executed / remarks
1. SSH into my Raspberry Pi (as user pi) That shouldn't be a problem ;)

2. Add jpcurtis repository 

echo "https://github.com/jpcurti/ender3-v3-se-klipper-with-display" >> ~/kiauh/klipper_repos.txt

3. Now we have to first uninstall klipper, and only klipper

cd ~ && ./kiauh/kiauh.sh

3 (Remove)

1 (Klipper)

4. Now we set jpcurtis repository as default for kiauh

B (back)

6 (Settings)

1 (Set custom Klipper repository)

2 (jpcurti/ender3-v3-se-klipper-with-display)

B (Back)

B (Back)

5. Install Klipper (for the installation process just follow the on screen steps shown by KIAUH)

1 (Install - you may need to enter the password for the current use)

1 (Klipper) 

B (Back)

Q (Quit)

6. Configurating the new printer firmware

cd ~/klipper

make menuconfig

With that tool you define what exactly should be compiled. So please do the following configuration:

Micro-controller Architecture: STMicroelectronics STM32

Processor model: STM32F103

Bootloader offset: 28KiB bootloader

Communication interface: Serial (on USART1 PA10/PA9)

Activate the point "Enable extra low-level configuration options"

In the now expanded menue you have to activate "Enable serial bridge" and "USART2"

And leave menuconfig by "Q" and save the just made configuration.

 7. Compiling and installing the new printer firmware


The "make" command starts the compiler. It may take a minute or two to complete it.

The compiled firmware is saved as ~/klipper/out/klipper.bin

Copy this bin file to an empty (FAT32, 4096 assoc) SD card, and plug it into the powered off printer. Switch the printer on and wait for two minutes. 

(if the old Marlin GUI is shown on the display something went wrong. Try to rename the firmware file to f.e. firmx.bin (or any other max. 8.3 filename which is different to the last flashed firmware file name).

 8. Add the lines required to activate the display to the printer config

Open your printer.cfg and add the following 3 lines at the botton before the auto-generated content begins


language: english



Now just restart klipper and your printer and the display should work.