Flightsim - DCS

Around 2 years ago I found an old joystick in my basement. Remembering the good old days of the C64 and Amiga 500 and the flight sims I loved to play back then, I decided to have a look what the market offers.

I was quite shocked when I noticed that in regards to combat flight simulations only 2 real options are available which offer some kind of modern fighter planes. 

Falcon 4 and Digital Combat Simulator (DCS)

DCS is freeware and comes with 2 flyable planes, so I gave it a try.....

Now, 2023,  2 years later I have

  • a self made joystick (force sensing with 24 button)
  • a self made throttle 
  • OTS rudder pedals
  • 2 Thrustmuster Cougar MFD Frames
  • 7 Displays (main Display, 2 for the MFD Frames, 4 small displays for DTE and some other indicators)
  • a self made F16-ICP
  • a self made head tracker

and a lot of fun flying (mainly) the Block 50 version of the F-16.