Arduino Library (Memory) Footprint Analyzer

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A script (package) to analyze the footprints of Arduino librarer

Idea and motivation

I recenctly added another library to extend the functionality to one of my projects. After compiling it used 100% of the available storage on my Arduino Micro. Since the project itself isn't huge, I wondered what exactly used so much space. So I started to do some analysis. For this I created an empty Project, only calling empty void loop( ) and void setup() to get an offset for the storage usage when compiled. Afterwards I opened the (for me) most basic looking example provided with the library and compiled it, that gave me a second data point. I did that with several libraries for the VL53L0X sensor.

Library Example - ino used program storage used dynamic storage used
Empty sketch none 3462 149
Adafruit_VL53L0X vl53l0x 19346 1201
DFRobot_VL53L0X vl53l0x 8232 445
Grove-Ranging-sensor-VL53L0X continuous_ranging 18894 1395
vl53l0x-arduino Continuous 9576 431

The Arduino Micro I use has a total of

  • 28672 Bytes program storage
  • 2560 Bytes dynamic storage The program storage offset is 3462 Bytes, so 25210 Bytes are remaining.

Adafruits library uses 15884, equal to 63% of it.

DFRobot_VL53L0X on the other side uses 4770 Bytes, equal to 19% of the avaiable program storage

After reviewing the results I decided that the differences are so huge, that I`ll write a script collection to collect that data automatically

How it (hopefully) will work


  • Debian 11 Server
  • PHP 8.1.13
  • arduino-cli (brew install)
  • mysql / maria-db server


  • A list with urls to the library repositories
  • A library is cloned, the properties defined within extracted
  • All examples provided with the library will be compiled
  • The result for the example with the smallest footprint is saved in the database (since there are even within the official Arduino Library list libaries with the same repo-name, the system will use a combination of the repo-url and provided name as well as version as identifyer)
  • .... maybe more... but that's the starting point.

Current gaps

  • Different build platforms

The data

I'll run the script for a lot of libraries on different platforms (for libraries which doesn't compile under avr:micro) The results, as search and sortable table can be found here