Nov 5, 2023

Space-Karen, or why I decided to have a look into the BlueSky ATPROTO protocol

Yes really, it was Space Karen, aka Elon Musk, with his utterly disgraceful appeasement of far right wing nuts which made me write a php implementation for the ATPROTO protocol BlueSky uses.Here more about it

Category: General
Posted by: schnoog

OK, that's not the complete story. The truth also contains the fact, that while I do like php coding, I'm not a big fan of object oriented programming.

Not everything in this world has to fit into a class, has to have methods.

And while I accept that OOP has some nice aspects, the fact that I found only rather incomplete OOP implementations for ATProto in php combined with my dislike of OOP made me to wrote something own rather than extending existing libraries.

Here more about it