Splatterladder.eu (former splatterladder.com too)

Splatterladder.eu is the oldest still running server and player tracking platform for the games 

Return to the Castle Wolfenstein (RtCW), Enemy Territory (ET / WET).

With over 77000 registered users and over 52000 registered player names of which over 5 million were tracked since I took over the service in 2012.

Given that the game turned 20 in 2023 it's amazing that at any given time of the day still at least 2000 players are active on the servers tracked by me. 

The tracker is quite intensively using the database.


Uptime: up 1 year, 43 weeks, 12 hours, 48 minutes

DB running for 664d 10h 23m 48s (353 qps)

Quries (Select/Insert/Update/Delete) 3.1G / 1.4G / 16G / 419M

353 qps

Here's what ChatGPT says about Splatterladder:

Splatterladder.com is a website that primarily focuses on tracking player statistics for online multiplayer games, especially games from the Enemy Territory series. Enemy Territory is a popular online first-person shooter game. Splatterladder.com provides detailed player statistics, rankings, and leaderboards for players of Enemy Territory games.

Players can create accounts on the website and upload their game statistics, including information about their kills, deaths, experience points, and other in-game achievements. Splatterladder.com then compiles this data and creates player profiles, clan rankings, and overall game statistics. This kind of service is common in online gaming communities, where players enjoy comparing their skills and achievements with others.

The website provides a range of features and services for players of these games:

Player Profiles: Users can create profiles and upload their gaming statistics. This includes information such as kills, deaths, experience points, playtime, and various in-game achievements. These profiles allow players to showcase their skills and progression over time.
Clan Rankings: Splatterladder.com tracks and ranks gaming clans based on their performance in the supported games. Clan leaders and members can view their rankings, compare their stats with other clans, and strive to improve their standings.
Leaderboards: The website maintains leaderboards that display the top players based on various criteria, such as overall score, kills, accuracy, and more. Leaderboards offer players a way to see how they compare to others in the gaming community.
Community and Forums: Splatterladder.com often includes community features such as forums, where players can discuss strategies, share tips, and engage in discussions related to the games supported on the platform. This fosters a sense of community among players.
Tournaments and Events: The platform may also host or promote gaming tournaments and events related to the supported games. This provides players with opportunities to compete at a higher level and win prizes.